Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Trying to Get a Handle on it

As I mentioned in Vacation Sensations, this site will soon be getting a new name. But in the meantime, while the details are being worked out, I've begun both a Snapchat and Instagram account under the aforementioned moniker of Eating Natty (with a Twitter handle to come).

I'm not the best photographer (despite my high school dream of becoming one) but as they say in the food industry "you eat first with your eyes" and I figured that despite my subpar photos I try and post, the accounts I follow as an Instagram and Snapchat user are often well curated and identify the lesser known yet creative personas in the health and food industry. So, disregarding the Kardashians I follow (all of them), I invite you to follow Eating Natty as a gateway to greener pastures 😉 and maybe I'll post some good things along the way.

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