Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Change in Routine

"Change in Louise" is one of my favorite songs and, while it doesn't rhyme I always get the tune in my head when I hear the term, "change in routine." Many a well-healed girl might see constant changes in her (beauty) routines, perhaps having one for the weekend with its abundance of time and one for the week with its emphasis on work. I, however, have about two changes in routine... one shifting between the cycles of winter and summer or basically warm and cold weather and one which changes with the cycles of the moon (or month). And while these changes in routine might sound minimal, I'm hoping my bare-boned approach will shine a light on practices that even the grubbiest of girls can't do without. Enjoy!

Change in Louise

Hot/Cold: Many women change their routines within the course of hot and cold weather... as both the temperature and their activities change. And while I tend to add things to my simple routine of washing and moisturizing in the evening, the face wash and moisturizer I use rarely change. So while you'll see an array of products below, you can rest assured they're added to the use of my gentle cleanser (read: Mantle Pieces) and my mild moisturizer.

🌞: Like any good tomboy, my summer routine is pretty bare-boned, relaying mostly on the sun's rays to "cover-up" my cosmetic flaws. But one practice that does get amped up in the summer months is exfoliation... both on my locks and face. While most of us are outside more in the summer months... gardening, running, doing whatever, it stands to reason that we're exposed to more dirt and buildup on our skin. In this regard, exfoliating once or twice a week goes a long way in helping us to feel a little cleaner in the "sweaty season". And to do so best, I suggest Mario Badescu's Gylcolic Foaming Cleanser which can also double as and exfoliant.

❄️: While I don't consider myself a big user of beauty products my small collection  of them increases exponentially in winter as my skin gets quite dry. This means lotion on my hands, balm on my lips and oil under my moisturizer for and added (hydrating) boost. Some of my favorite products be...

🤚: I am still looking for a hand cream that will save me from cracked skin and dried cuticles. Try as I might, nothing has remedied my genetic predisposition for gross skin. So far, a good pair of gloves have proven my best defense against winter weather but, honestly, Keri Lotion is a close second.

👄: While my hands began getting quite dry in middle school, my lips have only become a problem in recent years. And while lip exfoliators have hit market in recent years as well, they're a bit expensive for a mixture you can likely make with ingredients in your own kitchen. Ergo, I've included a video below (created in the heart of winter) which displays how to make your own lip exfoliant for chapped lips.

👩🏻: My face is pretty oily, which makes it the least likely to be affected by cold weather. This being said, while I don't often change up my moisturizers between each season, I often add an extra step to my routine in winter to generally up my self care in harsher conditions (see Putzing). And for me, self care often means treating myself to something a little luxurious and beyond my budget. Enter Sunday Riley... a brand which is a little pricey but completely worth it. Since my birthday falls in November, I often ask for the brand's night oil so I can have it in my vanity before the winter season.

Month to Month

Like many women, my skin seems to take on different forms throughout the course of each month... ranging from oily to more oily. In this regard, while my body isn't feeling up to par anyway, I like to relax in a mask to take a bit more time out of my daily schedule for self care. For those times when my skin seems to be on a sebaceous bender, I use Origins Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores or, if I'm feeling a bit more fancy/less oily, I use May Lindstrom's The Honey Mud... or just honey.

So there you have it... a few things you probably know but stuff I figured I'd share nonetheless. Every skin needs something different, of course but, like most things, we are not so different. For example, I'm sure you all liked that video ;).

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