Friday, October 2, 2015

Spa (Week)days

I've always loved the jingle featured on Family Guy which contains the line, "why do you brush your teeth at work? Like you're gonna kiss someone at 3:00..." Indeed, I judge people who brush their teeth at work and I was dismayed when a group of dentists came to visit our school in third grade and told us we should brush after lunch (using those gunk-adhering tablets to display the amount of residue left behind after eating). I hate brushing my teeth even with my Sonicare toothbrush which makes them feel like they've experienced a Swedish massage after brushing. So I was happy to find that even if one refuses to brush their teeth at work there are alternate ways to extend one's beauty routines into the workday.

A long time ago, in Tervis, I wrote about how water serves as my main "food group". Indeed, we need proteins, vitamins and other things to survive but water carries such a multitude of benefits that it's the "product" I consume the most. According to WebMD, drinking around eight cups of water a day can help, "control calories... energize muscles... and/[or] keep your skin looking good." Accordingly, water can benefit us both inside and out. Below: a few ways in which I use water to help me both internally and externally during the (work)day.

Mouth Wash: As stated above, I hate brushing my teeth. Knowing I'm not one to use a toothbrush until dusk sets in  (and that I start my day with a double, soy espresso) my dentist suggested I simply rinse my mouth with water following my morning coffee. Indeed, as I sip coffee throughout the day, I am sure to follow it with a hefty swig of water to keep my pearly whites pearly until I can brush off any remaining residue.

"Steam Bath": As a teacher, the term "spa day" really isn't in my vocabulary. While I'm down for the occasional beauty treatment, spending an entire day and/or paycheck devoted to the spa seems unreasonable. Plus, the core of most spa treatments can be conducted at home (or at work) on the cheap. As such, the steam bath is a luxury one can access at work while sitting at the desk.

While I often judge people for brushing their teeth at work, I realize I am likely also judged for my tea station set up in the classroom of a coworker. A few years ago, I started bringing in honey to accompany the copious amounts of hot water obtained from the water cooler nearby. After bringing honey, I began to bring in loose tea... which needed and infuser and after reading Drink Pretty: The Morning Detox Tea on Into the Gloss, I now have a bar replete with turmeric and fresh ginger. Several days ago, I filled a glass with boiling water and as I let it cool, held it uncovered against my chest for several minutes. As I held my bkr bottle close, I noticed the steam rise up and moisten my face, giving me the sensation of a mini-facial. Indeed, states that, "[steam] loosens dirt and debris lodged in the pores." And while most at-home steam baths call for the recipient to place a towel over their head and their head directly over a bowl of hot water (see Steam Your Way to Clearer Skin), allowing steam to float up onto my face made it feel just as good. If you can, just try to give your face a "steam bath" before lunch so you can wipe your face with a towelette afterwards (to remove any remaining residue) and enjoy some tea with your lunch!

Muy caliente y muy bueno.

Un Digestif: Several days before my "steam bath" discovery, I held my warm bkr bottle to my sternum as I assisted students in P.E. class (where you do a lot of standing). As I did, I noticed my lunch, eaten just several minutes before class seemed to burn up in my stomach as though the hot water in the bottle boosted my metabolism into high-gear. Indeed, according to Dr. Michael Wald (via, "hot water may increase body temperature and may therefore increase the metabolic rates slightly." Paraphrasing his words, a metabolism kicked into high gear can burn more calories over the course of a day. Furthermore, Wald states that, "[t]he increased metabolic rate may help the gastrointestinal tract and kidneys function more effectively," ultimately leading to detoxification. To this extent, while I try to drink hot water throughout the day (mainly to raise my body temperature) I especially try to drink it after lunch (with some honey, of course).

So there you have it. A few ways you can add spa-like treatments to what can sometimes be an arduous workday while saving money on the way. Enjoy!

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