Thursday, November 7, 2013


"Winter is coming." So goes the ubiquitous phrase from Game of Thrones which now seems tossed around as it can refer to a variety of situations. However, winter is quite literally coming, and with it, shortened days. Our clocks reset, both ex- and internally and I find myself thinking: if we eat more in tune with the season, does it affect us more? For me, winter does not conjure up images of bounty. Instead, a unique austerity prevails, the grace of pale root vegetable and clear soup. It can be a dismal time but one that prepares our bodies for renewal and new life in spring. I keep thinking, however, that with a move towards more natural ingredients, our bodies may feel the change more heavily. Ever since we set our clocks back this week, my body has seemed to be hit hard as has my mind with my internal schedule freaking out (is the dry cleaner's closing soon?) and my mood turning darker. I believe that our internal states reflect what we see and vice versa, so I ask with this post: have other's on the East Coast been affected by the change in season? This is the first time my body has seemed to shift with the cold weather and I'm thinking some part of me is preparing for the austerity of the season. However beautiful it can be.

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