Sunday, November 24, 2013


My Amazon suggested reading list suggested a variety of cookbooks this afternoon; one of them being Nom Nom Paleo. I don't have much exposure to the Paleo Diet other than overhearing my roommates talk and watching them clarify butter. "Nuts aren't suggested in Paleo," I heard one of them say. I had thought the Paleo diet included any food around/eaten prior to the Agricultural Revolution. However, (duh) it seems to be a diet that is most beneficial to the body. In looking at the Paleo Diet, I have noticed that nuts and seeds tend to be "yellow light" foods which can be good but one may not want to eat in abandon. Ever since I purchased a juicer back in the spring, I noticed my tastes changed to a more vegetable/meat direction and I was happy to see these kinds of foods fall within the green light district. Mainly, I've noticed my predilection for green vegetables have increased. It's funny to think of cravings for food based on color but that has seemed to be the case. This weekend, I stumbled upon a copy of the book Vegetable Literacy by Deborah Madison. In the book, Madison seems to group vegetables by taxonomy groups more or less, explaining why some veggies pair well together and some don't. Such a book was helpful in explaining why, perhaps, I've been attracted to green, leafy vegetables mostly of the Brassicaceae family or Cruciferae family which, interestingly enough is name for it's four leaves which look like a Greek cross. As I have a small penchant for taxonomy (mainly organization) I decided to create a list of my own within:

Brassicaceae Family
Otherwise known as the mustard family (generally known for it's peppery-flavored leaves).
Brussels Sprouts
Mustard Seed
Collard Greens

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