Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lukewarm Water

I am writing this blog during the colder months and, frankly, as I get older (31 this month!) my attention starts turning to my skin. My goal this year is to use lukewarm water in the shower, however, at night (when I tend to rinse off-always have) the ultimate luxury is a steaming stream of water. I remember reading a book when I was younger with a picture of a steam bath and ever since, I guess I've equated bathing with steaming water. Speaking of showers, however, my new weapon in this department is vinegar. I may have mentioned in my last post to that rosemary can be used to relieve dandruff. In addition, during a head-and-shoulderless trip to my grandparents, I found that vinegar can be used, essentially, to eat up any fungus on the skin. Ergo, each night I shampoo my hair (I choose Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo for it's seemingly natural quality) and afterwards, run some apple cider vinegar through my hair and rinse. Like a dandruff shampoo, I can feel the tingling sensation of the vinegar as it makes contact with my scalp. The bonus, however, is the satiny feel of my hair after it is rinsed out. My hair has never felt so soft and I have never gotten such a feeling from any shampoo or conditioner (and at $1.30 a bottle). I would recommend a vinegar rinse to anyone. Just be sure not to have any prior cuts on the scalp or body if you wish to proceed. Vinegar can cause a stinging sensation on any such openings. As with the vinegar in the shower, I feel it is an addition in my quest to use more natural ingredients in my beauty routine. Now if only I can stick to that lukewarm water...

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