Friday, October 14, 2016

The Long and "Short" of It

In Health Before Beauty, I wrote about my flirtation with relaxing my frequency of leg shaving/waxing, particularly as Winter rounds the bend. The inspiration, ironically, has come from my yoga routine where I see men effortlessly dress in loose shorts while women don tiny shorts and a sports bra to remain comfortable in a 105 degree room. It's not so much about the clothing but the routines outside of class which accompany them. Wearing such garments means keeping up with your shaving/waxing routine on a religious basis and, frankly, I've grown tired (and a little broke) from it. However, I'm not trying to offend any eyes in the studio where the yoga practiced is strenuous enough. Rather, I'm planning to cash in on my long wait for baggy, 90's clothes to reemerge.

Loving sweatpants since 2014... and beyond.

Recently, Well + Good published and article featuring the latest trend of oversized sweatshirts... something I've been waiting on since 1995. Those were the days when you could listen to alt. rock or rap music and wear clothes that were equally baggy... just differently branded. And, within the article, I saw my dreams come to life (and then dashed) as I laid eyes on a Margiela sweatshirt. Baggy clothes are my happy place. I'm usually unfussy about my surroundings but clothes that surround your body in a tight fashion are literally too close for comfort. However, as I imagine making forays into unwaxed territory, I'm stocking up on reinforcements... "manely" baggy clothes that can get me through both yoga and work. I've also thrown in some leggings for good measure. Below are a few of my top picks. Enjoy!

Nike Temo Mesh-Panelled DRI-FIT Shell Shorts: While I dream about a day I don't have to shave, I've often encountered days where I haven't waxed. And while boy shorts are great for keeping one cool in the hot-room, the shorts above offer a cool fabric cut in a manner to provide better coverage for those days between the days.

The Upside: Printed Stretch Jersey Leggings: I'm usually not a huge fan of leggings but a cute pattern can sometimes push me over the edge. Known for their stylish yoga and swim apparel, The Upside delivers with a calming, sky-like pattern as well as full-length pant legs for those days (or weeks) when you have skipped shaving.

No Ka'Oi Kana Waffle Knit-Stretch Jersey Track Pants: Dreaming of days I don't have to shave is not enough. I also dream of days in sweatpants as well. Obviously, I'm a bit of a bum. But No Ka'Oi's pants make such a day seem accessible... and stylish. Plus, dropping a lot of money on them means you can wear them to work, right? Of course!

Oversized clothing is literally making headlines... or, at least, subject lines.

So there you have it, some shorts and pants to carry you through the days where we don't care to shave, wax, whatever. And, when all's said and done, the Nike Gym-Vintage Organic Cotton Track-Pants and the ASOS hoodie will probably find their way into my closet over the more pricey options above. Still, it's all not too shabby.

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