Thursday, July 28, 2016


The past two posts (Sunshine and Structure and Good Vibrations) were enjoyable to write but demanded a level of research far greater than I'm used to conducting. As stated in the latter article, the sources I use have become of greater importance but there seem to be few scholarly articles that fuse the esoteric (read: chakras, healing crystals and the like) with the scientific. Perhaps I should get the hint and question if a link even exists but, for now, I'm happy to look for one. However, after searching high and low for information on both solar and musical vibrations, I found myself left with a ton of residual information that didn't make it into either post. Here, I've included some additional points that I wanted to touch upon in a more relaxed fashion. Plus, it saves me from a week of research 😉. Enjoy!

In Sunshine and Structure, I got a little weird, talking about high vibrational foods - a theme brought up more in hippie-dippie publications (thanks HuffPo!) than more medically based ones. But, ironically, in my research for Good Vibrations, I came across a post written by Dr. Mitchell L. Gaynor which touches upon the benefits of phytonutrients, a term covered before. While eating foods that match the colors of our chakras is still under investigation, the phytonutrients that lead to such colors are important indeed. You can read the article here

Additionally, a few alternate ways to sneak some direct sunlight as opposed to obtaining it indirectly from plants goes as follows:

Top Down Driving: As Macklemore claims in his song, "I'm rollin' out, roof off, letting in the sky/ I'm sure the city never looked so bright." If you've got it, flaunt it, as they say. A sun roof provides a great way to sneak some rays in the summer. As uv rays can't travel through glass driving with the windows or "top" down provides a great means of catching some sun. And while you're at it, pump up some songs that carry good vibes. Below is one that didn't make the first cut.

Brimful of Asha

Also, if you're up for it, driving in silence can sometimes be the best "medicine." As the (car) tops come down in summer, the volume of music seems to go up. But sometimes, it's nice to just let our minds rest. Recently, I've been struggling with some difficult choices (see next week's article) and I noticed that driving in silence allowed me to process some of the emotions I was afraid to deal with. Plus, (if you're in Connecticut especially) it's therapeutic to drive and simply enjoy the summer scenery. ☀️🌳

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