Saturday, February 28, 2015

Honey, Honey, do do do do do do.

Ah, the unmistakable tune of the Archies. For the full nostalgic experience, click here. I was reminded of the song when I used the honey cleansing method this morning. As per my last post, I've been thinking of doing an oil cleanse for quite some time since my regular cleanser ran out. When researching the topic of homemade cleansers, I stumbled across the oil cleansing method as well as the honey cleansing method.

According to Wellness Mama, the honey cleansing method is similar to that of oil cleansing but easier. As opposed to mixing oils and removing them from your face with a steamy washcloth, the honey cleanse method simply involves rubbing a teaspoon of either raw or Manuka honey on your face, leaving it on for 5-10 minutes and then washing it off with warm water.

I was a bit more comfortable using the honey cleanse method as opposed to the oil cleanse as my skin is naturally oily. While I believe that oil dissolves oil, I was a bit more comfortable starting off with honey which is a bit easier to travel with. Ergo, I melted some raw honey, rubbed it on, rubbed it off and my skin felt great! After my shower, I was surprised at how refreshed my skin felt. I even had my fiance feel it to confirm its softness. While I'll admit some "beginner's luck" to the honey, I can truly understand why some adhere to this method. Also, it's hard not to savor the flavor as the honey washes off your skin. It can sting your eyes though so close them tight!

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