Saturday, January 24, 2015

Tuscan Tea: Part Due

So... I harped enough on the quality of olive oils. Now, I'd like to focus on their flavor profiles (more fun). In regards to the last post, however, as long as an oil is of good quality (made mostly of olives, I know, right) and of good taste in comparison to price, it's alright in my book. Therefore, as I continue on, know that I am always advocating for the above qualities even if I don't mention brands by name. A few months ago, Williams Sonoma put out a guide for hosting an olive oil tasting. While I'm always one the look out for new and quality olive oils, I decided to read up. Basically, the site posited (basic) olive oils into three categories: mild, medium and robust. Basically, you can find the site here. Soon, I'd like to embark on my own tasting and flavor profiling and will promise to post the results (and brands). In the meantime, which olive oils do you like?

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