Thursday, January 22, 2015

These are a few of my seasoning things...

I never learned much about the basics of cooking. My mom was a pretty good cook but as a working woman with a vegetarian husband and three carnivorous children, we ate out a lot. Through this blog, and through other sites, I have been trying to train myself in the fundamentals of cooking. I'm still not there yet. The most I've learned about kitchen basics is to slice your veggies thin and keep your knife sharp, among other things. Hardly the stuff of Jacques Pepin. I can, however, locate a good recipe (maybe it was all those years of locating a good dish on a menu). Tonight, while scrolling through one of my favorite websites: , I came across a good way to add flavor to soup, or any other dish for that matter. The recipe I located was for a Vichyssoise, a dish which I like to try different variations of. I was not struck by the recipe as I was by the finishing touch, however. At the end of the recipe, it calls for chives and parsley to be blended with oil until smooth. This struck me as a quick dressing one could make for meat, salad, etc. and packed with good herbs that could be swaped for the likes of rosemary, thyme or tarragon.

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