Monday, December 15, 2014

Mo Dressings/Mo Herbs

As stated before, herbs rank low in placement and high in importance on my food pyramid, right above water. Herbs have a great array of therapeutic properties, if fact, I'm reading a book on them now which I'll share later. As you know if you read the blog, I'm always looking for ways to incorporate herbs into my diet on a daily basis and dressings is a key way in which I choose to do this. Since (ideally) I try to eat an abundance of leafy greens day to day which, on their own, are packed with vitamins and minerals. As such greens can be healthy but bitter, dressing are a great way to add flavor to such meals. I subscribe to the Cooking Newsletter put out by the New York Times and, this week, it featured a mustard-shallot vinaigrette by Julia Moskin which may be found: here.

In the recipe, Julia provides the base for a tangy vinaigrette which may benefit from the use of herbs such as parsley or cilantro: something which can add extra kick to the vinaigrette while kicking up it's nutritional value.

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