Monday, March 17, 2014


So... seeing as I placed that cool, blue liquid at the bottom of my new food pyramid, I figured it only apropos to write an article on it's carrier device... the water bottle. A million different variations of]n this device exist today, and thank goodness. We never have to go without water nearby and one you start drinking (that H2O...) you'll never want to be without it for long. In college, when I would walk across a large campus (go JMU!) I would carry a Nalgene bottle all day and fill it up at the water fountain (bubbler if you're from Rhode Island). When I moved to DC I found a new breed of bottles showed up and with my penchant for hot water drinks, the Tervis tumbler was a perfect fit.

Speaking of college, congrats Gators...

Tervis tumblers can be purchased in 12, 16 and 24 oz capacities. I have one that pimps my Yankees team, enraging most people in my path and holds 24 oz of liquid. The clear "body" allows me to see how much I've drank (drunk?) which is both encouraging and helpful in knowing when I have to go back to the "bubbler". In general, having 24oz at your fingertips lasts you awhile, thus allowing you to sip throughout the day without a refill. It also allows you to gauge your water or liquid intake knowing that downing four "fillings" gives you close to a gallon of water each day. I know that when I finish my fourth refill/de-fill cycle, I feel pretty good about yourself. Best of all, you can support your home team, cause (think pink ribbons) or purchase a tumbler with your first of last initial. They're pretty great in my opinion and come with a lifetime guarantee. When does that happen anymore?

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