Saturday, March 15, 2014


As I mentioned before, has a comprehensive list of various oils (ranging from rosehip to jojoba), all of which have various applications to the body. After writing my last post on the topic of water, my substance of choice for the bottom tier of my own "food pyramid", I figured I would keep with the theme of hydration for my next topic. While water can hydrate you from within and the Mayo Clinic suggests healthy adults consume between 2.2 and 3 liters a day, it is also important to hydrate externally: especially in the harsh cold of winter. This season, my lips became extra dry, cracking and bleeding and peeling back into rough curls of skin (tempting, I know). However, towards the end of the season, I began melting small amounts of coconut oil and mixing it with brown sugar. Placing some of the mixture on my finger, I would rub it across my lips, letting the sugar crystals exfoliate present dead skin while letting the oil seep in. After I felt my lips were renewed, I simply patted off any excess sugar with a paper towel. Doing so made my lips feel fresh and hydrated for the day (I repeated the routine at night too). On the skin, I used a squirt of argan oil after my nightly shower and it seemed to hydrate my skin well overnight. Compared to the massive amounts of ingredients in Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer, the top moisturizer on argan oil contains, just what's in it's name.

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