Monday, May 14, 2018

The Sounds Our Bodies Make

Our bodies make various sounds. We can speak, squeak, cough, sneeze or breathe but, voluntarily or involuntarily... we're usually making some kind of noise. And as I've aged, I've noticed that several sounds have become a bit more prevalent, much to my dismay. And so I set out to find what such sounds meant and if I could do anything to avoid them occurring in the middle of a yoga class or at work. A few findings lie below...

Popping/Cracking Joints: I was never one to crack my joints when I was little. In general, I found the pleasantness of sound to pain ratio completely "unworth" it. But currently, my joints seem to be snap, crackle, popping all over the place... even in my third class of yoga when I should be more limber. So I decided to see what the deal was and, turns out, I'm getting old... and/or it might have something to do with the fact I'm in my third yoga class.

Just like the topic below, the snapping and cracking of joints has much to do with gas. In yoga (and in sport), our synovial fluid or "joint lubrication" is put to use. When the joint is stretched, the gases present in such fluid (mainly nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide) are released and create bubbles that are then popped... leading to the pop of our snap, crackle and popping of joints. In addition to the release of synovial fluid from our cartilage, our tendons also move more when we exercise which can also lead to additional sounds, according to the Library of Congress (of all places). So, essentially, I found that age may not have been the key factor in the snap, crackle and pop of my joints but the simple fact that I was doing so much yoga and movement. And there are a few movements or postures which make your joints pop more than others if you're the type that likes the sound (see below). All this being said... I'm still old.

Downward Facing Dog

Scorpion Plank.

Horse Pose.

According to the article above, as one ages, the cartilage in one's joints can break down, leaving the surfaces increasingly rough and leading to a bump in synovial fluid which means more gas. And speaking of more gas...

Flatulence: Back when I was big on my cleanse (see Candid-dida) I suffered from quite a bit of flatulence. It's not a problem I'm specifically unfamiliar with. Having the ethnicity I do as well as a high level of anxiety (which I think is related to my ethnicity)... I've struggled with this issue for awhile. But when I began to eat more naturally, it was a whole different ballgame. And so I set out to find which foods (besides beans) can cause the condition.

And....... besides beans, pretty much everything I was eating on my cleanse caused flatulence. As stated in Food is Family, those members of the Brassicaceae Family are my favorite and many of them, including broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and cabbage can all cause some bodily sounds. But... there are a few (natural) foods which can prevent this occurrence as well.

In general, ginger and other spices as well as honey can keep our bodies a bit more quiet. Fennel works as well. And so, I've included a few recipes which should work wonders should you find yourself with this condition. Enjoy!

Detox Tea: When I started reading Into the Gloss, I was really intrigued by their tea recipes. I love tea just as my mother loved teas and, more specifically, love herbal teas as my mother did. In this sense, tisanes, or ingredients steeped in hot water that are not from the camellia sinensis plant particularly, are my favorite. And when it comes to reducing gas, ingredients such as ginger, spices and an abundance other items that help out show up in the recipe above. And if you don't have gas, it will simply give you a morning detox... so, we're pretty much all getting the same benefit. (Recipe in link here and above).

Fennel and Blueberry Salad: In addition to honey and spices, fennel works as well in terms of gas reduction (which can also come in the forms of bloating and burping... to forms decidedly more lady like than my own issue). And in a brief Instagram search this weekend, I came across a seemingly summer recipe for fennel and blueberry salad. While I couldn't remember the account from which it was posted, the one above seems like a good substitute.

So there you have it. A couple'a sounds our bodies make and ways to make more or less of them. The Choice is Yours.

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