Saturday, April 18, 2015

Plants in the Mouth and on the Face

If you read this blog, you know I enjoy eating plants. Kale is likely my favorite despite the fact that it places me on a bandwagon with the rest of the kale-swept nation. With its not-so-bitter taste and loads of iron and vitamin-K, Kale presents a tasty way to stay healthy. My favorite preparation for the vegetable is most likely the braising technique. I actually just made some hearty stock from chicken feet which I hope to braise kale in this weekend along with some garlic and pepper. (For a less intensive, just-as-delicious variation of braised kale, click here.) Some plants, however, work well on the face. Today, on the Net-A-Porter website, a "headline" on the front page featured "Plant Power: Natural beauty wonders." Opening the feature, I found a variety of beauty products (mostly cleansers and moisturizers) concocted from a botanical foundation. One brand, featured consistently throughout the page was KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr.

Looking at KORA's website, one can easily identify that KORA's products are made using organic, vegan ingredients and through processes that are cruelty free (not tested on animals). According to founder, Miranda Kerr, KORA's "mix" fits the profile of ingredients she found lacking in other beauty products, mainly in its use of organic ingredients. While I have found there are indeed other organic or plant based products on the market (some brands include, Grown Alchemist and Aesop.) KORA seems to be relatively easy on the budget... if one is looking for high-end products. One of the products I'm dying to try, KORA's foaming cleanser, rings in at a price point of $52. In this regard, many primarily plant based products (including the others mentioned above) serve to heal and repair skin at a better value than ones created using mostly synthetic ingredients (here's looking at you Chanel...). While not as cheap as an oil cleanse, perhaps, my former post Halo refers to the fact that some days, one just wants a ready-made formula sitting in the shower. If such a product is organic and beneficial to the skin, all the better.

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