Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Moving up the food pyramid, we have water on the bottom with all it's dark, fluid richness followed by the next level, split between oils and vinegars and herbs. For me, this composes my triumvirate of food basics. You have water at the bottom which flushes out toxins and hydrates you and helps your muscles; overall, aiding your daily functions. Next, there are oils and vinegars, which can be applied internally or externally, using them in dressings or as skin remedies such as moisturizers or dandruff zappers. Finally, on this level, we have herbs. We all have an herb, perhaps one we love most. I was recently perusing an article by +MichelleSlatalla on 4-2-1 soups and many of her recipes used scallions. While perhaps not an herb, it struck me that this may be her favorite element to use for that extra favor. For myself, I believe I'd have to go with rosemary for both its physical and symbolic properties. Known in Latin as "dew of the sea," rosemary is a woody shrub with pungent smelling leaves that can be used to flavor food. It's sharp taste is more noticeable than parsley or basil in my opinion and is especially good on meats. Some traditional varieties include Tuscan Blue and Severn Sea. It's oil can also be used as a remedy for baldness, toothaches and/or muscle pain (between water and rosemary your muscles should be fine ;)). Symbolically however, I enjoy rosemary as a symbol of remembrance. As Shakespeare writes in Act 4 of Hamlet: "There's rosemary, that's for remembrance. Pray you, love, remember."

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