Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Hello, as many of you know, I've been gone for some time, developing and pruning my ideas into a cohesive structure. Two ideas come to mind. First, I'd love to write a series on topics related to the Bloody Mary. What once was a unique and horrific cocktail is now my nectar of the gods. My second idea, however, is the reason I began this blog... to talk about the varying manifestations of beauty and the simple pathways we all take to get there (hint: you're already there).

When I was in third grade, we were made to copy word definitions from a dictionary. One day, I remember eyeing a student who had turned to the back page by accident. On it, was a large diagram of our linguistic development. In blue were the Germanic languages and, if I recall correctly, an esoteric brown told us there was something beyond those which lay in the depths of history. Even then, I could feel a small shift occur. The recognition that the language we spoke had a history and distant foundation gave me a sense of security. It is in the same vein that I read beauty books today. At the very beginning, there is always a small section related to our fundamental needs which must be met before our, or their, conventional beauty routines may begin. While many beauty books devote 99% of their copy to color, this blog aims to deal with that beginning part... the essentials we need to live a simple, healthy life. Enjoy.

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